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Sponsored by floral professionals dedicated to educating consumers

What is all about? was conceived by a network of flower shop owners nationwide who banded together to educate consumers on internet ".com" purveyors of flowers. This network of professional "brick and mortar" florists (those with real stores doing business within the community that they serve) realized the need to educate the public on the non-brick and mortar order gathering organizations and / or direct ship florists.   

Remember to look for the "Hometown Flower Shop" logo on your florist's websites.  Only those flower shops with real "brick and mortar" stores and doing daily deliveries within the city where the brick and mortar store is located can display the logo. 

The "Order Gatherers"... .com companies without real flower shops

Most non brick and mortar purveyors of flowers via the internet do not have flower shops.  Some that actually do have shops do so only to present the illusion that they are real florists.  One of the largest order gatherers does not operate any actual flower shops, rather markets to the public to "gather" orders.  Most of the large order gathering organizations business consists of a call center that accepts floral orders either by their internet site or over the phone.  Once received, the non brick and mortar order gathering organization will keep 20% of every order that they forward to a real retail florist or bypass a real florist and direct ship the product to the end user.  It is important to realize that each florist only receives 73% to 80% of the total amount of the floral order you place! Realize also that the local delivery charge for those orders sent by the non brick and mortar order gathering organization will be deducted from the amount of the flowers.   Additionally, these companies will charge consumers a service charge up to $14.99 (as of May 2008) in addition to the charge for the flowers. 

Ask for real flower shops in your hometown!

Why use your hometown flower shops?

  • Hometown flower shops employ local citizens
  • Hometown flower shops support their local economy
  • Hometown flower shops generously give back to their local charities and non profit organizations
  • Hometown flower shop's sales tax revenue supports needed community services
  • Hometown flower shops revenue is spent in their local community, not to stockholders or labor in call centers outside the country.

A case study... sample floral transaction by a .com order gatherer.

Let's consider a sample order placed with one of the largest order gathering organizations....

  • The "Anniversary" Bouquet is $59.99 according to this .com order gathering organization on May 2nd, 2008.
  • Their service charge is $13.99
  • Total order including flowers, delivery and service charge is $73.98 (note that it is not clear on their billing and review page that the delivery charge will be subtracted from the value of the flower order. Copy of actual statement available upon request)
  • This .com will keep 20% of the floral order or $11.98 PLUS the $13.99 service charge for a total of $25.97
  • This .com will send this order to a REAL Florist to design and deliver at a value of $59.99.
  • The .com will collect from "member" florist a clearing house charge for handling the order.  (total of those charges are not shown in this actual total payment to florist is less than shown)
  • The REAL florist must then consider that the .com will only reimburse for $48.01 ($59.99 less 20%)
  • The REAL Florist must then also deduct their local delivery charge from the floral order, which averages between $7 and $12. 
  • The original order placed by the consumer for $73.98 via the .com is now valued as little as $36.01 once the delivery charge is subtracted by the local hometown flower shop.
  • This is over 50% less than the original amount charged to the consumer! 

Conclusion: The consumer could recieve a much better value by placing their order directly with a REAL HOMETOWN FLOWER SHOP as opposed to using a non birck and mortar order gathering organization.  Always look for the "REAL HOMETOWN FLOWER SHOP" logo! 

Direct ship purveyors of flowers and plants...

Flowers represent the language of the heart...they express our love, sympathy, best wishes and joy.  Direct shipping .com companies show many beautiful flower arrangements on their website, yet when they arrive at their destination, the bouquet is strapped in a shipping box with the vase seperate.  In most cases, they require the recipient to arrange the flowers themselves.  Also...their websites sometimes include a glass vase, valued at $2 to $3, yet if you want the upgraded vase...they charge upwards of $9 for some vases.  Generally speaking, your real hometown flower shops show arrangements on their website that include the vase and flowers that have been professionally arranged by experienced floral designers.  They are arranged in the shop in the city or service area of the real flower shop and delivered via their own delivery service.